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The Best Seller of Self-Defense Products for Women

The crime rates are definitely increasing all over the world, which is why the society, most especially the women, are deeply advised to learn and enroll in self-defense for this can help them defend themselves in times of trouble or danger. The women may also learn how to use the weapons and products that are designed primarily to be used by women for their self-defense, and some of the most common self-defense products are sap gloves, stun gun, pepper spray, knives, defense spray, and the most popular of all is the tasers for women or self defense taser.

The sap glove is also called hard knuckle glove and the basic purpose of producing such item is for offense and defense stance, and it is commonly being used in combats or flights that typically require hand-in-hand techniques. The stun gun is definitely one of the most popularly used self-defense weapons for it is also being used by police officers, and its primary function is to create electric shock and can basically provide the victim with the chance to escape for it can immobilize her attacker, but that is without causing them any physical injuries that can be serious or permanent. The pepper is designed to create various effects especially in the eyes of the attacker, such as temporary blindness, tears, irritation, and pain, and such self-defense weapon is recognized as an aerosol spray. The active ingredient of the oils of the pepper spray is called as OC which stands for oleoresin capsicum, and this can be taken from cayenne peppers. The knives designed for women are the butterfly knives and the automatic knives but most of them have specific restrictions in various states in the country of America. The self-defense weapon called as taser can actually be used by hitting any parts of the body of the attacker, and some of its effects include impairment of their motor skills, cause abnormality on their nerve traffic, and create involuntary muscle contractions.

One of the most recommended shops that sell all of these products is the Women on Guard with their main branch is located in Florida, and the customers may shop here or they may also visit the store’s website. One of their most popular products of self defense that are commonly being bought and recommended to be used by the women, is the Mace Defense Spray. The Mace Defense spray is advised to be used by the women by first ensuring that there is a wide distance between them and the attacker, then they should also aim the eyes and the facial region of the attacker; and some of the various patterns that can be found in this particular self-defense weapon include heavy stream or broken stream, fogger, foam, forced cone, and gels.